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Classic CheeseWheels

An 8" wheel of decadent cheese buns made with fresh Bolo bread, butter, cheese and LOVE!
(🍞 + 🧈+ 🧀 + ❤️)

Bacon Cheesewheels

How to take CheeseWheels to 11? Make'm with bacon.
(🍞 + 🧈 + 🧀 + ❤️ + 🥓 = 11)

Coming Soon...

We're perfecting a hot new CheeseWheel:
(🍞 + 🧈+ 🧀 + ❔ + ❤️ = 🔥)
(If you were German, you might call us Käseradbauer.)

Stuffed Buns

Inny Burgers

Ground beef and cheddar cheese cocooned in a Bolo Bun.

Watch this space!

We're cooking up some tasty new stuffed buns.
(Probably no bunnies in, though.)

Sweet Treats

Cinnamon Buns

Made in house daily. The best ones ever.

Marshmallow Magic Bars

AKA Confetti Squares and Goop.


Classics like trail cookies and triple chocolate chip, our signature Fat Tuesdays, and more!

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